Quick Little Projects

Quick little projects are so good for the soul … instant gratification …

A cheery new curtain for the kitchen:

2013-09-26 14.51.31

A close up of the fabric:

2013-09-26 14.51.15

2013-09-26 14.49.21

Then I knitted this sweet little hedgehog for Mom!

2013-09-25 15.19.49

I used The Purl Bee’s pattern and some leftover scrap yarn … awww, he is so cute!

** www.purlbee.com is a great site with a pleathera of knitting, crocheting and sewing ideas and FREE patterns **

2013-09-25 15.20.41

… he is so sweet that Neka kept trying to eat him!

2013-09-25 15.20.33

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1 Response to Quick Little Projects

  1. janet Henderson says:

    Very cute. I agree, I love quick and satisfying projects.

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