Homemade Clif Bars

This summer I rediscovered how much I liked Clif Bars.  They are perfect for long runs through the mountains … portable, easy to digest with quick release simple sugars, flavorful, no high fructose corn syrup, some protein and fiber … and all summer on those long runs I have been thinking about how I can make my own instead of buying them for $1.25/bar.  And also for the satisfaction of feeling wholesome in that I am fueling my own body with food that I have made myself … food that I have tweaked to my own personal preference.

A quick google search reveal thousands of site for homemade Clif Bar recipes with all sorts of variations.  I decided to try “Brown Eyed Baker’s” version as it seemed to add up the best with the ingredient list from the back of the Clif Bar wrapper.


2013-09-18 08.14.37

So here we go:   Puree more dates in the food processor.  Mix oats, rice crispies and flax in the mixing bowl.   Melt together peanut butter and brown rice syrup on the stove. Combine all (3 cheers for the Kitchen Aid!) til well mixed.  Press into an 8×8 pan after both yourself and your faithful dog taste-test the dough.  Then, go forth and exercise … or refuel at work … or just enjoy!

2013-09-18 08.16.07   2013-09-18 08.15.26

2013-09-18 08.15.45   2013-09-18 08.25.15

2013-09-18 08.28.26

2013-09-18 08.28.472013-09-18 08.29.102013-09-18 08.29.28   She approves!  🙂

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