Mt. Roberts … lots of ridge … Granite Basin

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is necessity…”       – John Muir

Another amazing epic Juneau trail run … and this adventure included local runners and running celebrities.  My friend Geoff is getting married this weekend,  I have mentioned him before as being named ultra-runner of the year (2010 I think) and the greatest trail runner in the country.  Well the friends that showed up in town to help celebrate his wedding, of course they included his running opponents and friends.  I got a heads up about the run today, was only told that some of Geoff’s friends and family might be joining us and decided to go for it even though I worked all night.  After a 2-hour “power nap” I roused myself, grabbed my gear, dog biscuits, water, Neka herself and headed for basin road.  I am SO GLAD I made the decision to go!  First of all, it was a beautiful day, it was an awesome trail adventure, AND I got to meet some really neat people!  First of all,  I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with a guy from Steamboat, CO whom I had met at Geoff’s very first running camp.  Then I was introduced to Scott and Jenny Jurek (big-time ultra-runners, check out the book “Born to Run” if you get a chance), and other ultra-runners Joe and Chrissy.  I also re-connected with dear friends that have moved to Oregon and have returned for the wedding and got to meet a neat local gal named Amanda, of whom the possibility of  pending adventure is just around the corner with her.  I liked her instantly!

2013-06-28 11.49.42

We set off up Mt. Roberts and then stayed on the connecting ridge line to summit Sheep (the highest at 4,280ish feet elevation), then Clark, then dropped in to Granite Basin and out on Perseverance Trail.  And by “dropped” I mean glissade or slide through the snow at very fast speed and descend hundreds of feet in minutes.  That never, ever, ever, EVER gets old!  🙂  What a day!

Glenn leading the way up Mt. Roberts.

2013-06-28 11.49.59

Higher and higher and higher…

2013-06-28 11.51.06

2013-06-28 11.54.15

Finally see the peak of Mt. Roberts:

2013-06-28 12.21.39

Now headed along the ridge and up higher to summit Sheep Mtn (4,280-ish feet)

2013-06-28 12.43.43

2013-06-28 12.45.24

A view backwards along the ridge where we had come from and looking at the peak of Mt. Roberts.

2013-06-28 12.46.45

2013-06-28 12.58.11

A pretty little snow stream.

2013-06-28 12.58.22

Onward to Clark Mt.

2013-06-28 13.11.59

I love pictures of trail runners, see little bodies way ahead on the horizon.

2013-06-28 13.12.09

The large snow covered “hill” below is one of the sledding hills … sledding on your bottom that is!

2013-06-28 13.37.59

Neka girl.

2013-06-28 13.38.30

We are about to head to the left in front of this closest point and find the ridge that drops into Granite Basin, we do not go up that rocky mountain in the distance.

2013-06-28 13.46.00

You can barely see it in the center of the photo below, but there is a mountain with 3 peaks.  It is called The Devil’s Paw and it is one of our border peaks … beyond that is all Canadian territory.

2013-06-28 13.46.11

2013-06-28 13.47.12

Granite Basin … straight down!  And the most interesting combination of running, sliding, sledding and lots of other creative dance moves!

2013-06-28 14.01.38

A view of where we came from.

2013-06-28 14.06.20

“If for a moment you are inclined to regard these taluses as mere draggled, chaotic
dumps, climb to the top of one of them, and run down without any haggling,
puttering hesitation, boldly jumping from boulder to boulder with even speed.
You will then find your feet playing a tune, and quickly discover the music and
poetry of these magnificent rock piles — a fine lesson; and all Nature’s
wildness tells the same story — the shocks and outbursts of earthquakes, volcanoes,
geysers, roaring, thundering waves and floods, the silent uprush of sap in
plants, storms of every sort — each and all are the orderly beauty-making
love-beats of Nature’s heart.”       – John Muir

*Sigh*  I am the luckiest gal in the world.

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