A New Ridge and a New Rug

2013-06-24 12.09.23

On Monday, a co-worker Cindy was my guide up Blackerby Trail to the Blackerby Ridge. I had not yet been up this trail but it was SO BEAUTIFUL up there and is my new favorite ridge! Due to lack of time, we did not make it to the end point (Cairn Peak) but I have full intent to get back up there on my next day off that simultaneously is clear and sunny!

A view of the Salmon Creek Dam and the Salmon Creek Ridge in the background.  The dam used to be the water supply for all of Juneau.

2013-06-24 12.09.08

2013-06-24 12.17.34

Cairn Peak is the closest peak in the distance … the pyramid-looking peak in the far distance is Observation Peak.

2013-06-24 12.13.06

Headed back down the trail, a view of Douglas.

2013-06-24 12.57.40

Wildflowers: Lupine, Irises, Chocolate Lilies, Dogwood, even Fireweed are blooming!  Can anyone identify these?

2013-06-25 13.57.43

2013-06-25 13.59.08

Nagoon berries:  a local treasure and delicacy.

2013-06-25 13.58.31

The next day I got my rug delievered for our living room … I had look at seemingly thousands of rugs and finally ordered one.  I was nervous about it but I love it now that it is finally here!  Colorful and fun but not too bright and busy.  The colors also flow with the colors of our house.  Lee says it reminds him of an ink blot test at the eye doctors.  🙂

2013-06-27 17.11.15

2013-06-27 17.11.38

Stay tuned for my chartruese marmoleum kitchen floor!

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1 Response to A New Ridge and a New Rug

  1. Brian and Wendy says:

    Hey, save a hike for me! We are coming to visit Aug 23-Sept 3. I need to go up a ridge if the weather is decent!!! Nice rug by the way, can’t wait to see your house!

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