More Alderfer Adventures

Boat trips, walks in the sunshine, graduation and culinary creations is what we have been up to this weekend.  Oh yeah, and getting sun tans while we are at it!  🙂
2013-05-25 17.04.15

2013-05-25 19.39.05

2013-05-25 19.10.37

Dad caught some rockfish!

2013-05-25 19.50.16

2013-05-25 19.59.29

Lots of sea lions were out and about in the waters.  They were fighting for a spot on this buoy.

2013-05-25 19.08.25

2013-05-25 19.09.47

We also went to the Sea Lion Rookery on Benjamin Island, tons of sea lions … literally!

2013-05-25 19.22.21

2013-05-25 19.23.36

Unbelievable guttural noises and smells came from these bad boys.

2013-05-25 19.25.35

Of course, it would not be a blog post without grand-dog pictures!  She was always right where you were and her favorite spot was standing next to the edge of boat checking out the sea creatures.

2013-05-25 16.42.24

2013-05-25 16.48.54

2013-05-25 18.48.47

On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Auc Rec soaking up the sun.

2013-05-26 19.09.27

Bethany, me, Myriah, Mom:

2013-05-26 19.11.13

2013-05-26 19.31.59

2013-05-26 18.22.52

2013-05-26 17.39.31

Andrew Alderfer (my cousin) graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School Sunday evening.

2013-05-26 22.55.37

We have been planning for a campfire on the beach and now we have homemade marshmallows to go in the s’mores!  I used Smitten Kitchen’s recipe, turned out great!

2013-05-27 12.04.45

2013-05-27 12.07.08

2013-05-27 12.07.13

Sticky, sticky, sticky, but finger-licking good!

2013-05-27 12.09.04

2013-05-27 12.10.58

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