Home Improvements continued …

After the cabinets were in, the tile floor came up via mini-jackhammer and then went the carpets.  Lee laid down laminate hardwood floor in the living room, dining area and through the hallway.  He finished the floor last Tuesday and the new countertops were installed a couple days later!  The only thing left to do is lay down laminate tile in the kitchen and in the entryway of the front door.

“Jack-hammering” the tile floor:

2013-04-05 18.54.39

2013-04-05 18.54.50

2013-04-05 18.55.00

Laying down the laminate hardwood flooring:  The house was in controlled chaos.

2013-05-03 19.59.46

2013-05-03 20.00.34

2013-05-03 20.58.24

2013-05-03 21.05.42

Little helpers:

2013-05-04 14.21.00

2013-05-04 14.20.10

2013-05-04 14.20.48

2013-05-04 14.20.18

2013-05-04 19.58.23

2013-05-04 19.58.43

Last view of the old countertops:

2013-05-13 07.29.02

New countertops and sink!

2013-05-13 08.21.31

countertop faucet

The credit for this home improvement project goes to Lee who is 99% responsible for making this happen!  He has my utmost respect and admiration for the countless hours of research and hard manual labor that has made this happen.  Looking forward to showing off our new home to you in person, because as usual pictures do not do adequately portray the true workmanship and product!

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2 Responses to Home Improvements continued …

  1. Diane says:

    Wow — what a remodeling job! I didn’t realize that you were going to replace all the flooring too. The new counter tops really make the whole kitchen. They look fabulous! You guys did a GREAT job! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it all in person!

  2. janet Henderson says:

    Wow, this looks great. I’m sure you will love it.

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