Knits and Purls

Remember this photo from Christmas time?


Well, she is finished and blocked and officially worn out in public!

This is the Adelaide Yoke Pullover from the book Vintage Modern Knits.

2013-02-25 17.13.21

2013-02-25 17.14.36

2013-02-25 17.13.53

The yarn I chose is:   Spud and Chloe beluga (grey) and moonlight (darker blue), Peace Fleece shaba green, The Fiber Company ‘Savanna’ yarn in natural (white) and bluegrass (light blue).

2013-02-25 17.14.00

‘Highland Fling Shaw’ ->  the story behind this shaw is that a co-worker friend had one made for her by an Aunt at Christmas time.  I liked it so much I started searching on Ravelry (an online knitting and crocheting pattern website; if you are not a member you need to become one right now!  p.s. It’s free!) and actually found the pattern!  It is a super warm shaw/scarf and I love it just as much as I thought I would!

2013-02-25 17.10.41

Yarn used is two skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers, color Lake Chelan Heather.

2013-02-25 17.12.02

2013-02-25 17.11.53

2013-02-25 17.11.34

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2 Responses to Knits and Purls

  1. Diane says:

    You did a fantastic job on the sweater and the shawl. You are so talented in sooo many ways! Great job, Rachel!!

  2. janet Henderson says:

    You are amazing. Your sweater and shawl are beautiful.

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