A Bit of Brightness in the Midst of Winter

While cleaning out the old kitchen cabinets, I found some old ingrediants buried deep in the depths … sunflower seed butter that did not turn out as planned via the VitaMix, old bag of spelt flour, etc.  What to do with these things?  Make some doggie biscuits!

2013-02-06 08.44.23

The final verdict:  Neka loved them!  (shocker there.)  🙂

2013-02-06 08.59.02 2013-02-06 08.59.03 2013-02-06 08.59.12 2013-02-06 08.59.28

2013-02-06 08.48.21

I was in need of some warm and bright colors in the midst of this cold, wet february … my friend and canning partner-in-crime Sarah came over and we made some marmalades!  Cava-cava oranges and Meyer Lemon Marmalade, then we went on to make Grapefruit Marmalade as well.  The citrus smell that permeated through the house was so uplifting and the tangyness of the end product was absolutely beautiful.   Marmalades were surprisingly a bit of tedious as you have to seperate the fruit from the membranes, saving the membranes, seeds, and rind to serve as the pectin. But it was so worth it and much more fun to do it with a friend.

Cava Cava Orange and Meyer Lemon Marmalade –

2013-02-06 12.28.12

Grapefruit Marmalade –

2013-02-06 13.17.11

Cooking and thickening on the stove, such vibrant & cheery colors!

2013-02-06 14.08.00

Canning Guro Sarah –

2013-02-06 14.08.17

Final product – total of 10 half-pints of marmalade.

2013-02-06 15.24.38     2013-02-06 15.24.48

Ahh, the moment I have been waiting for …  much later, tea and fresh marmalade on a fresh muffin!

2013-02-06 15.26.39

Later that evening,  I went on to make a large batch of pickled mixed vegetables using this recipe, only adding more variety of veggies:  http://www.recipegirl.com/2012/04/16/pickled-cauliflower/

2013-02-06 20.28.33

What a good productive day!

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1 Response to A Bit of Brightness in the Midst of Winter

  1. Diane says:

    Wow, good for you. You are always so productive!

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