An Attempt at a “Family” Photo Shoot

Christmas Card pictures 539

It was a beautiful Saturday and we took a walk up Spaulding Meadows to enjoy the sunshine.  I have been wanting to get a “family” picture of Lee, myself and Neka.  It’s a bit of a challenge when you don’t have a photographer handy and have to rely on the self-timer of the camera.  Also, Neka was a challenge as well …. she does not sit on the cold tile of the kitchen floor, so why would she sit in the snow?!  In fact, when told to sit, she would hover her bottom above the snow!  🙂

The self-timer would shoot continuously for 10 shots and the resulting pictures were nothing short of humorous.  Lee and I were the same in each group of pictures, but Neka’s movements and antics through the 5 seconds of the continuous shoot were hilarious.  The following pictures were in one continuous shoot, scroll down rapidly and focus on the dog:

Christmas Card pictures 535

Christmas Card pictures 537

Christmas Card pictures 539

Christmas Card pictures 540

Christmas Card pictures 541

Christmas Card pictures 542

Christmas Card pictures 543

Christmas Card pictures 544

Christmas Card pictures 545

Christmas Card pictures 533

Christmas Card pictures 526

Christmas Card pictures 510

Christmas Card pictures 502

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1 Response to An Attempt at a “Family” Photo Shoot

  1. sunrae138 says:

    So beautiful! I love the background! The snow is so pretty. I’m sure you’re tired of it by now. But we only get it 1-2 a year so it’s amazing to me.

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