Despite all the pre-Christmas holiday stressing and prepping, the actual Christmas Day was exactly what the true day was meant to be: relaxing…spending time with family…enjoying the beautiful outdoors and a ‘white’ Christmas…laughter…bonding.


Our perfect little tree:


Gifts and Presents:

IMG_7829   IMG_7820

New fiesta dishes and an antique berry bucket!

IMG_7826   IMG_7828

He dresses up NICE!

IMG_7825   IMG_7827

IMG_7903   IMG_7906

Grandma Phelps outfitted Isaac and Levi in cowboy shirts to match their cowboy boots & hats.  She also got Carly all set up with a full knitting notion set!

IMG_7911   IMG_7907

“White Christmas!”




Christmas Dinner with the Alderfer’s  – made extra special with the addition of real Pennsylvania sweet corn and Allyson’s homemade applesauce.


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