My Adventure in Sitka!

I had the unexpected opportunity to go to Sitka to visit some dear friends Emily and Aaron Routon.  Lee was off on his moose and caribou hunt so I thought it appropriate for Neka and I to go on a little trip too.  Sitka it was and we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather while we were there.  The pup and I took advantage of the clear skies and hit the local trails.  We climbed Mt. Verstovia on Thursday, Mt. Edgecomb on Friday, and the Cross Trails on Saturday.  These few days were the therapy that I needed: full immersion in the crisp alpine, lots of Vitamin D, and best of all was the chance to re-connect with wonderful adventure friends and meet some new ones.

Thursday’s Adventure:   Mt. Verstovia


The view from Picnic Rock, (the false summit of Verstovia).

The true summit was still to come … see below and note the pointy granite peak behind me … the true summit.


The same shot of Sitka, and grassy point in the center of the photo is where Picnic Rock is.  And if this day was not amazing enough … notice the big pointy mountain across the bay with a little bit of clouds on it?  Well that is Mt. Edgecomb, an extinct volcano.  And that is the adventure for Friday!


Aaron skiffed us over the the beach and we all started up the trail.  It is a unique trail that is mostly flat for about 6 miles with a gradual upgrade.  The trail takes you through various muskeg swamps and old forests and puts you on the final steep 0.6 mile trek to the top of the volcano through red pummis rock with little vegetation.  You can jaunt the 2 miles around the crater, which we did not have time for,  but I appeased my curiousity by exploring the crater just a bit.  The view was spectacular, the ocean, bays, surrounding islands, the land on the island itself … the whole trip was a gift and blessing and personal dream come true from God himself!  Aaron (who had run a marathon 6 days before) lead the pup and I across the trail at a stiff pace; Neka is a rock star and kept up just fine!

Edgecomb still about 3 miles away.






   Getting closer …

   The rock pile that marks the top!

Check out the views:




On the edge of the inside of the crater.

Headed down:


Emily and I

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  1. janet Henderson says:

    You are amazing and you have amazing adventures!

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