First #1:   My first knitted sweater!


This was the first time I have done cableing; overall not a difficult skill to learn, but there were a few frustrating moments related to counting the rows and cable too soon/too late and cableing the wrong direction … okay, okay maybe more than a few frustrated moments, but not more than 4 or 5 … hah!


I used Manos yarn, a yarn product that is based out of Uruguay that is non-profit and fair trade.  In fact each skein is signed by the artisan that hand-dyed it.  It is my favorite yarn mostly because of the vibrant colors and also because it is 100% Merino wool.

First #2: First Adventure in the Mountains for this year AND Neka’s first ever!

  Neka and I are on Mt. Roberts and at Gastineau Peak,  just about to drop over the backside down a VERY steep snow field and land on Perseverance Trail.  This route is tied for first with the Juneau Ridge route for my favorites of all Juneau trails.  There is just something about sliding 3200 feet down on your bottom at a rapid rate of speed and getting to the bottom in about 12 minutes after hiking/jogging to the top in 60+ minutes,  that will get your adrenalin going.  What is amazing is that this is the middle of July and there is still enough soft snow to do this on! Usually you only get the chance to do this at beginning of June!  After that the snow melts and hardens and is no fun at all.


My faithful runny buddy Glenn Frick.


First #3:  My deck garden (growing slowly but surely)

pallet garden of sugar peas, red beets, turnips, rutabegas

wine barrel of herbs and brocolli



all the green makes me happy

bucket of violets




our monster … growing like a weed
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3 Responses to Firsts:

  1. Laurel says:

    Way to go on the sweater! I was just telling my nieghbor about pallet gardening this evening! I follow a blog: and she does this in her backyard. You would love Mavis and her blog on all things gardening, couponing, and reclaiming food!

  2. backpackbee says:

    I love the sweater! You did an amazing job. I’m not sure i’d be patient enough to sit and try my hand at one…Although it’s monsoon season here in South Korea, it might be just what I need to keep busy.

  3. Janet Henderson says:

    Wow Rachel, very impressive. I love you new sweater. I’m glad you stuck with it even through the frustrating parts. Well worth it. I did a first last week, I went SUP, stand up paddling, and I loved it. Keep adding to your list!

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