Our little family is growing … the latest edition is a young cat that I adopted from the Humaine Society.  She is a 6 month old siamese-domestic mix, she is a spunky gal that is holding her own against a 13-week old pup!  Her and Neka are in the early stages of learning to live together, hopefully they learn to co-exist peacefully soon because it is a full time job keeping up with them!  Each is curious about the other, but Neka plays a little rough and likes to bark and aggitate, and Amelia likes to hiss and swat.  Only 2 small episodes of bloodshed (both on Neka’s behalf).



Neka does not understand why she is getting into so much trouble lately!


A co-worker/good friend and conviently close neighbor adopted a labra-doodle named Chaos.  It is so fun to watch two puppies play together!


More playmates – this is Macey…


Turning her into an Alaskan dog:  I took her out to the Mendenhall Glacier & Lake (which was frozen) and exercised her well.  She was hilarious to ski with, she kept trying to bite my ski tips and poles. 

  Glenn and I skate skiing across the frosty lake.


NEVER a dull moment at our place anymore!



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