Summary of February … Look back soon for pics and updates on the newest edition of the Phelps family arriving on 2/20!

We went for a walk on the trail below our house on Valentine's weekend and explored the beach a little. Got some fresh salty air, picked up LOTS of litter, found a geocache site and even found several handy treasures that washed up on the beach as well.

Mr. and Mrs.

Valentine Sweet Hearts!

Once a week or so, several of us nurses have been getting together for coffee….we decided to add a walk/hike in before coffee.  This get-together found us at the Glacier:

Mendenhall Glacier

Macy (in the yellow rainsuit) and Brenda

Mama Jenny and baby Ruth

hike is over and it is coffee time!

Krista (my Aunt who is my sewing inspiration) made Lee and I this beautiful colorful quilt in honor of our anniversary!  So awesome that it is without a doubt blog-worthy!!!

I accomplished something that I have had as a goal for several years now….to cross country ski across Spaulding Meadows.  I have run across it several times with my friend and backcountry guide Glenn and last week he led the way on skiis!  The trip is about 8-9 miles and is across muskeg … no trail other than the occasional flagging.  Perhaps someday I’ll know my way across on my own, but who goes running on their own anyways??  Way more fun to go with someone, fyi.

Quick stop for water and a snack ... today Glenn had banana bread with him, my favorite snack was the day he pulled a piece of rhubarb pie out of his pocket. It was an unidentifiable mass ... er, mess ... until he told us what it was and believe you me, after pushing for 12 + miles with about 12 more miles to go, that was the best pie I have EVER had! 🙂

Homeward bound...

Glenn had his eyes closed in every single picture!

Another great adventure.

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