A Bear Rug

After months of waiting patiently, Lee finally received his bear rug in the mail.  This is from the black bear he shot in June.  Check it out…



The best part of the bear rug was when we took it over to Shawn and Rachel’s to show it off … Little Levi wanted NOTHING to do with it and would scowl, cringe and holler “Ahhh!” everytime the bear paw was brought near him. Guess you had to be there to fully enjoy it, but believe me that there were laughs all around at Levi’s expense with Uncle Lee’s pestering!

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1 Response to A Bear Rug

  1. za4jmae says:

    Not going to lie, it still makes me slightly happy to see a dead bear… But then sometimes I feel sorry for it. But it looks soft! 🙂 Yay Lee!

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