870 Mendenhall Peninsula Rd

     870 Mendenhall Peninsula Road

Our soon-to-be new home!

The garage (aka Lee’s wood shop!) with a finished upstairs room.  This is where the previous owner lived while he built the main house.

A wood-stove heated sauna. 

A view of the front of the house:

– 1,521  sq. feet  on  1/2 acre of land

– 3 bedrooms  +  2 baths

– 2 floors and a finished basement

– the property borders state forest land and there is a short trail across the road to the wetlands and beach.

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4 Responses to 870 Mendenhall Peninsula Rd

  1. Bonnie says:

    Rachel your new home looks so cozy! Bruce and I would love being in the woods in our old age. I’m happy for you as now you have room for family and friends to visit.


  2. bgals says:

    Roomie, your soon-to-be new home looks amazing! Are you moved in yet? I love that you have a blog now. Please keep updating so that I can envy all the cool things going on in your life, okay? =)

  3. za4jmae says:

    So cute!! Love love love!

  4. Lynn McKee says:

    Hi Rachel! I saw your post on Mimi’s wall and crashed your blog – hope you don’t mind! I love reading about your life and I LOVE your new-place-to-be! I love that you and Lee are having so much fun – carpe diem!!
    Love you,
    Aunt Lynn

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