Catching up on the Summer Hunting & Gathering

After two years and many attempts of hunting, fishing, etc, and the reward being only frustration, disappointment and blisters, it seems as if our luck is turning around. I have to give it to him, Lee is the most persistent person I have ever met and it is starting to pay off.  The theme up to this summer has been: while hunting, “I wish I were fishing right now, fishing is so much easier!” and while fishing, “I wish I were hunting right now, hunting is so much more fun!”  The bad luck seemed to turn when Lee shot his first Alaskan black bear at Kowee Creek.  Then he and Shawn got some Halibut.  Then he and some friends pulled up some prawns & shrimp & crab and actually caught salmon – several of them – and a King salmon no less!  Since then, he and Shawn have been gearing up (mentally and physically – and I thought I was a gear junkie!) for their hunts this fall …. deer, moose, sheep??  Stay tuned …

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