27 miles of backcountry Alaska

Up Thunder Mtn … over Heintzleman Ridge … around Nugget Peak … around Split Thumb … up and over Observation Peak … traverse Salmon Ridge … drop into Granite Basin … out Perseverance Trail.  10 hours & 15 minutes. 27 miles. 10,000 ft elevation. What a day.  Those names may not mean much to most folks, and as of yesterday they were just names on maps and places I have heard about from far more skilled and accomplished mountain-savy individuals that I have utmost respect for.  This was the longest backcountry run/hike I’ve been on thus far and other than being sunburnt, having sore feet, and various superficial scrapes and bruises, I have no complaints and will be ready to do it again.  Parts of the trip made me a little uncomfortable and I once again realized how just harsh and unforgiving this part of the country can be.  I have so much to learn about the mountains, ridges, landscapes, glaciers, ice fields, navigation in socked in weather, appropriate food and clothing, preparing for the unexpected, and potentially wilderness survival.  Lee’s comment after listening to my tale was “One of these days you are going to spend the night out there.”  A sobering thought, something to always take into consideration, but not enough to hold at home when there is so much of this amazing country to discover and experience.

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1 Response to 27 miles of backcountry Alaska

  1. Brian Felix says:

    I am so jealous this sounds like the most fun run that exists in Juneau. How the heck to you get across Lemon Glacier I thought that was impossible. Did you fly??? That must be it. Well anyway I love that rout and wish that I could have “attempted” it with you guys. Although you would have had to leave me for dead somewhere back on Heintzleman I think. you rock!!!

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